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The White Bellwether Beanie


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Product Description

Be the leader of your pack with this warm and snuggly beanie.

The Bellwether Beanie is made from a single strand 100% wool yarn.

The wool fibers are unprocessed, which means that they are only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to the dyeing. This highlights the fibers’ natural properties, providing also a better shape and texture qualities.

The wool is made directly from animal fleece, and not recycled from existing wool garments

It contains mixed colours, this means the wool is manufactured by carding the colours together before spinning, which gives it a mixed effect.

Each hat features a hand made, contrasting sheep brooch and, of course, the tibetan silver HappySnail.

Cool hand wash – Do not wring.  Remove the brooch before washing

Additional Information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 15 x 10 x 10 cm


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